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The Boeing 757 is a medium-range transcontinental commercial passenger airplane manufactured by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. It was designed for Eastern Air Lines and British Airways to replace the Boeing 727 and entered service in 1983. 757Production of the 757 ended on November 28, 2014 after 1,050 had been built.

The final aircraft was delivered to Shanghai Airlines.[1] The 757 could be considered as one of Boeing's most successful Luton airport parking programs. However, sales dwindled during the late 90's, eventually causing manufacturing to cease. The demand for the Air Charter Service - VIP Charter 757-200 continues mainly due to its New York to Western Europe range.

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The 757 (designated "7N7" during initial development) was designed by Boeing to complement the Boeing 767 on less dense routes. Originally conceived as the Boeing 727-300, a stretched variant over the 727-200, the 757 was a newer design. Original designs of this plane featured a "T-tail" as the Boeing 727 but a conventional tail was ultimately adopted.

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The 757 has transatlantic range, and was one of the earliest ETOPS-rated airliners. For better economics, the passenger capacity is increased by 50 over the 727.

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The 757 uses many of the same components as the widebody 767, and the two planes have a common FAA type-rating, enabling flight crews to earn certification for both by training and testing only on one. The 757 maintains the same fuselage diameter as the previous Boeing 707, 727, and 737.

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The 757 was discontinued just after sales had reached thousand. The 737-900 fulfills Boeing's marketing niche previously occupied by the 757, though it does not have the same range or take-off performance. Indeed, the 757 was preferred by airlines which needed to traverse long, thin routes, chiefly transcontinental and transatlantic routes. It was also desired by airlines flying from hot and high climates, such as Mexico City. The 757 has sometimes been called the Rocket Plane because of its ability to rapidly climb (it is able to carry its full Maximum Take Off Weight, and climb to 41,000 feet faster than any other commercial airplane).

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The 757's resale value has increased since the discontinuation of new production. In fact, a December 29, 2004 order from Continental Airlines for Boeing's new 787-8 and currently-produced 737-800 airliners included ten used 757-300s.

The 757 is the first Boeing airliner launched with non-US engines, Rolls-Royce RB211-535. Later, however, the Pratt & Whitney PW2000 was also offered as an option. Initially, a General Electric engine, the CF6-32, was also offered, but was cancelled due to lack of interest from airlines.

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