Boeing 757

Accident summary

Accident summary
As of 2015:

•Hull-loss accidents: 6 with compare airport car parking a total of 568 fatalities
•Other occurrences: 2 with a total of 0 fatalities
•Hijackings: 5 with a total of 283 fatalities

The Group provides a comprehensive managerial, technical and engineering service to the aerospace industry. It has expanded and developed to offer a total engineering project management service including design; development; manufacturing; overhaul and repair; and a spare parts procurement facility. It also specialises in older military aircraft types.


> Flight Operations with Low Fuel
> Reverse Thrust - EEC Inop
> Landing with Hydraulic System(s) Inop
> Landing with Leading Edge Flap Asymmetry
> Landing with Trailing Edge Flap Asymmetry


A complete set of aircraft and engine manuals are held in our technical library, which includes S.I.s, S.T.I.s and details of all Swiss modifications. We hold on record F.I. details and engine hour information on all ex-Swiss Hunters. Our library also includes manuals on many other Hunter Marks previously held by BAe in their archives and we also have access to original Hawker drawings.

> Flap Up Landing
> Alternate Gear Extension System Reset
> Partial or Gear Up Landing


After a long and faithful service with the Swiss Air Force it was decommissioned along with the remaining Hunter fleet. They were donated to various individuals, flying clubs and museums worldwide.